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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thumbs Down

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix opened at midnight yesterday. We went to the theatre but all seats had been taken. So this morning Brian and I went back and... we saw it. Ouch, compared to the last movie Goblet of Fire this one rates terrible. The characterization was weak, weaker than I have seen in quite some time. The visual effects were so so, and the music stunk!

They had redesigned the dementors and the death masks, both of which would have been better off had they left the designs the way they were in the previous movies. There were numerous places where the story deviated from the book and the film ended, I thought, rather abruptly.


Cody said...

I liked it!

Scott said...

Yeah, I heard that! (: I saw it a second time and, I'll admit, it was better than I remembered, but it still fell short of the wonderful job they did on "Goblet of Fire"


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