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Thursday, August 23, 2007

AMG Publishers likes "Sword of the Dragon"

It has been nearly a year since AMG Publishers requested Sword of the Dragon and today I received news that made me ecstatic: My manuscript is scheduled for presentation at the next new product meeting! The reader "loved" it! And they "like what you have done" !

This is big, very big! I'm in the door, praise God! As long as everything passes as well at the meeting I should land a contract.

I've sent the acquisitions editor some useful info, now I must continue to write and wait to hear more! This is amazing, it feels wonderful knowing that they feel my manuscript has that much merit!


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you Scott, and we will definately continue to keep this in prayer. Isn't it awesome to see God work? Keep writing, we can't wait to read the book.

Anonymous said...

Sword of the Dragon...must read Sword of the Dragon. Who is Spector and when did HE come into the book??? A war a thousand years ago????? You have been working your imagination and I must read!!! :) :) :) As Kelley said, we are VERY excited for you and so proud. Just to keep you humble though, I have a few pictures of "younger" days! ha ha ha

Scott said...

YIKES! Don't show those... I'll... I'll do anything you say! Just please don't show those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pictures, we also have a video...let's see....what would be a good "black mail"...oops, I mean trade???? Hehehe. Just kidding. :) Don't worry, we'll keep the photos and videos between our families. :) Unless, of course we need to use them....
I was very tempted to start your book yesterday, but I knew I'd get caught up in it so I figured I'd wait until I could actually take it home.


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