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Monday, August 18, 2008

Star Wars: Clone Wars

Rumors of proposed Star Wars television series have circulated for the past several years. Stars Wars: Clone Wars introduces viewers to a new level of digital animation. From what I could tell, this film (which serves as a pilot episode for the upcoming TV series) plays off of the ideas given in the Anime-styled Clone Wars series.
I really enjoyed the new movie. Besides being surprisingly humorous, this film packs an interesting story and I recognized some of the character voices from Star Wars computer games. It was well done (I thought) and I'm hearing a lot of positive feedback from other viewers.
Now I am hoping that the rumors of a live-action television series set between episodes III and IV are true.


Anonymous said...

I found Star Wars: Clone Wars to be a very fun movie. It was definitely not boring or "childish". I'm looking forward to seeing the tv series.
~The Fair Maiden~

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the X Files film yet? I've heard a lot of mixed reviews but still want to see it!



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