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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What to do, what to do . . .

What to be or not to be? I keep finding myself working on projects other than my novel series. Not that I've been working more on the odds and ends writings, but I have been pouring a lot of mental energy into them.

Today after church a couple of people expressed interest in seeing a collection of my short stories published in book-form. The idea has crossed my mind many times but for some reason I've never seen it through. Perhaps it is because I feel my short stories are so varied that they don't fit a common theme and I'd like to have that in an anthology. However, I'm seriously considering doing it anyway. The short stories range in genre from fairy tales, fantasy, science fiction, biblical, and allegory. I have several unpublished works that I never showed my fans, including pieces written a long time ago . . . like five years ago. In one tale there is a good dragon by the name of Valorian, which, I'm sure, many of my fans immediately recognize as the villainous creature in Swords of the Six. I like the name so much that I used it in my novel.

So, the question lies out there for my readers to consider: would you like to see an anthology of my short stories? It would include Moses and the Lamb, Splintered Sacrifice, The Woodland King, The Little Children Come, and the Trapped in Imagination stories 1 and 2.


Jake said...

That would be coolio! :D

Andrew K. York said...

That would be great! Would it be published with Flaming Pen Press?

Star-Dreamer said...

Definate yes.

And btw, just got a copy of Sword of the Six in the mail two days ago. I love it! Your writing is beautiful. It makes me double think some of the scenes in my own novel.

Which brings me to a random question. If a publisher asked to see your manuscript and as you were printing it you discovered a scene that you thought should be tweaked or rewritten, would you go ahead and send the manuscript and tweak later, or would you tweak first and then send it? And also, how long is considered too long to wait to send it off?

I ask because this seems to be my delemma currently...

Any Suggestions or helpful tips?

Scott Appleton said...

Well, I guess the unanimous answer is 'Yes!' My next blog post will have more about the anthology.

Thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying it! But where did you get a copy? The book is out-of-print until it is Re-released in its new design by AMG Publishers.

As to your question: I would tweak the scene/rewrite it if I could do so within a day's time. Promptness is necessary when dealing with publishers. If they've asked for your manuscript then you need to get it to them immediately.
Another way to look at is: if the publisher says they're interested they'll usually ask for a revision. At that point I would already have been revising and send them the improved draft.
Which publisher has requested it? (It is hard for me to answer the time-frame question without knowing the specific house).

Star-Dreamer said...

Scott: in answer to which publisher has requested it... well, it was you.

I recieved a letter in the mail just a few days ago from Flaming Pen Press asking to review the full and have since completed the other requirments. I have everything else prepared, and I'm almost finished tweaking/doublt checking for typos. I'll be sending the manuscript probably within 2 days' time. :) Is that too long to wait?

As to where I found your book, I went on to A user there said they had a new copy and was willing to sell. They only had one copy left, so, since I wanted to read it so badly and knew it wouldn't come out from AMG for some time yet, I went ahead and purchaced it. It's very good! :D

Scott Appleton said...

LOL that was you? I guess my information should be pretty accurate then, especially considering it is my publishing company (-:
Take your time tweaking what you think needs changing. I'd say take one week, if you need the time, and then send it.

Star-Dreamer said...

*LOL* Yeah, that was me! And thanks for the info. But hopefully it won't take a week. Hopefully. :) I'll try to be thourough, yet speedy. :D

Star-Dreamer said...

Just thought I'd let you know, I sent it out yesterday. It would have been sent earlier, but my postal service doesn't work over the weekend and Monday was Labour Day. :) Thanks for the little bit of extra time... I hate sending things out with Typos!

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