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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Writing Dilemmas

For every season of life there is an end; a time to take that next step in the direction God would have you go. I am soon coming to that point... again. The year before last I quit a full-time hourly job and hit the road, selling my novel. Some people thought, many believed, that I was either careless or crazy. But I knew that it was in my best interest, and in God's will, to move on... and that meant taking a risk.

Now I am stuck between two hourly jobs, both demanding time I would prefer to spend writing my next novel. I really enjoy one of them, because it involves writing, but with my brain scattering to the four winds I am a bit frazzled. Next month the fruit of the risk I took in going on that book tour, will be realized; my first novel will release from AMG Publishers on February 11th. Soon thereafter, within months of the first, the second novel will release. I am full of anticipation and, for a little while dread filled me, too. Questions of "What if it doesn't sell well?" "How am I going to devote the time needed to promoting it?" "How do I balance providing for my young family and traveling?" I have finally smacked myself across the side of the head. "Wake up! God is in control and this is what he has brought you to." In a very real sense it is time to smell the roses.

I don't believe in chance successes. I believe hard work bears fruit, and perseverance and patience wields a mighty sword of success. So, beginning today, I am going to start booking a tour of schools in New England. It has taken seven years to get to this point, from that omniscient POV manuscript I wrote. I want to write and promote full-time, again! Well, it won't happen by itself, so... time to get down to business!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Love you Scott! Keep chasing God and everything will turn out exactly how he wants it to :D

And totally could book schools, stores, and more if you wanted to venture across coutnry again ;) haha

Scott Appleton said...

Thanks Nathan! I do want to go out your way again. But I'm going to start my touring right around home until I can afford to travel again. I'm hoping to that this Fall.

K.M. Weiland said...

God helps those who helps themselves - it's not gospel, but there's a lot of truth in it. When we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to a project, the fruits of our efforts will bear out, if not immediately, than eventually. I know from personal experience how easy it is to get fragmented by the many demands of life, but if we can stay the course in our writing and marketing, I believe God has great things in store.

Brian Appleton said...

Way to go Scott, you are the most incredible example I know of a person unafraid to chase their dreams and proceed in trusting God through it all. I'm very proud of you and know you will achieve great success, not just with the book! :)


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