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Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Artwork for "Offspring"

Due to the objections (of a couple buyers) to the original cover art for The Sword of the Dragon: Offspring, this new piece was created. The artist is, as before, Kerem Beyit, and I think he has outdone himself. I actually like it better than the original.

This artwork issue was the only thing keeping Offspring from hitting the market. Now that it is ready I am praying the publication process will be timely. Many readers are eagerly anticipating this book and I'm eager for them to read it.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am dieing to read that book! BTW- this cover is alot nicer than the first!

Jake said...

What was wrong with the original? o_O

I like it. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like it. It seems more... 'lighty.'

But.. what was wrong with the first one?

Scott Appleton said...

Several buyers at ICRS said they found the original cover sxually provocative. That is why this new piece was created.

Andrew Y. said...

Ah! Well.. I think this one is just as good... maybe even better actually.

Is your entire series going to be published by AMG now?

Scott Appleton said...

Yes, the seven books for The Sword of the Dragon series will be published by AMG. They have said they are going to offer me another contract. My book is selling very well for them and they want to work with me for a while to come!


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