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Monday, March 5, 2012

"The Ashes Of Eden": Creating memorable book titles

A good title will grab a potential book-buyer's attention. But coming up with such a title is not easy.

I have read a lot of books in many genres, and a good book title always helps make that book more memorable. But as an author I often struggle with what are the right titles for my latest projects. So, I have made a practice of reviewing and listing which titles stand out in my memory.

Being a big fan of Star Trek, I've read some of the novels. The Ashes Of Eden by William Shatner is one that stands out in my memory, not just for its great story but for the fantastic title. The title pits two opposing ideas against each other in what I think is a superbly grabbing idea. When we think of Eden, we think paradise, greenery, ripeness. But throw in Ashes and suddenly the imagination starts grasping at the concept of paradise lost.
Note: As I was writing this I realized I should reinvent the title for my latest creation First Queen... I think I'll throw in opposing ideas, the way The Ashes Of Eden title does. The new title will be Neverqueen.

As you look back at the books you've read, which titles stand out to you?


need2read said...

I just heard that you will be visiting Barnes and Noble in the Colonie Mall. I am planning on being there, even though I haven't read any of you books, yet. I love stories about dragons, so I am hopiong to read them soon.

It is funny that you are a Star Trek fan because so is my dad. We (my dad and I) fight over Star Wars and Star Trek constantly. I am a big Star Wars fan, but I strongly dislike 'Trek'

Scott Appleton said...

Excellent! Iook forward to seing you there.

I am a Star Wars nut! I even love the Clone Wars series. But I also am a big fan of Star Trek, and Stargate, too.


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