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Monday, August 27, 2012

Neverqueen (book 2) The Suffering Challice

In the midst of starting a full-time sales job, I am working on another fantasy novel. You have heard me talking a bit about my offshoot series from The Sword of the Dragon, this one titled Neverqueen. The idea at the moment is to release the first TWO books in the Neverqueen series simultaneously in 2013 with a focus on ebook promotion and sales.

In lieu of that, I have started writing Neverqueen: The Suffering Chalice. The story is going to be a lot of fun. In particular I am excited about one concept in the story: a chalice that is literally suffering. In some way I want the chalice to be alive. Sound intriguing? I hope so... I know I am looking forward to finding out where this story takes me!


Star-Dreamer said...

It does indeed sound intriguing. :) I look forward to reading it. ^_^

Scott Appleton said...

Hi Star-Dreamer, I think you'll really like it! (-:

Benjamin said...

Hey Scott
Just wondering specifically which books you have released in terms of the swords of the dragon series. I bought up to book 3, but then it left me hanging. Does the Neverqueen series continue on and is the second book out already? Thanks.


Scott Appleton said...

Hi Benjamin,

You should migrate over to the new site for up-to-date info and news.

Presently there are five novels out. Neverqueen is an offshoot of The Sword of the Dragon series and is meant to fully connect with the novels centered around Ilfedo and Oganna. But Neverqueen follows the path of a different character, Violet, who was spoken of in prophecy in "Key of Living Fire" by Whimly Janvel.

Here is the reading order of the books currently available:

Swords of the Six
Key of Living Fire
The Phantom's Blade

Neverqueen 2 (not yet released)

It sounds to me like the next book you'll need is "The Phantom's Blade." It picks up after the events in "Key of Living Fire."


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