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Friday, September 28, 2012

Contract in-the-works!

I just received word that AMG Publishers is eager to sign me on for the next books in The Sword of the Dragon series! So now I am ready to announce the final four books and their tentative titles:
  • In Search of Dragons
  • Last Grandeur Dragon
  • Wizard Wars
  • Sword and Savior
What do you think?


Brian McBride said...

The names sound awesome! I still need to order books two and three though. Can't wait to read them! (I'm excited to see the cover art for the last four books! All the other books of great cover art!)

Scott Appleton said...

Hi Brian,
The covers will be awesome! I'll do my best to make sure of that. I am very eager to finish writing the series so that everyone can see how the story all ties together (-:


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