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Friday, November 2, 2012

Star Wars VII; what's in store?

There was once a young boy who was playing on the floor in his Grandfather's house when all of a sudden he saw something that stirred within him a dream of fantasy stories embracing the power of good versus evil and the triumph of light over darkness. That boy was me, and that something was the movie Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

Have you heard the news? Disney bought out LucasFilm and in 2015 they are going to continue the Star Wars saga with a new film that will pick up where the original movies ended.

Some fans are worried that Disney will mess this up, but considering that Steven Spielburg's right-hand lady is at the helm... I think this is going to be fantastic. Disney proved with At World's End, and with the Voyage Of The Dawn Treader that they can do classic, darker films that do not just appeal to kids.

So what is in store in Star Wars VII? I am going to put my vote out there that Disney produce the Thrawn trilogy, based around Timothy Zahn's original novels.
What do you think? Will the blue-skinned master strategist finally make a film appearance?


Marlene E. said...

Well, I certainly hope that Kyle Katarn makes an appearance as a major character. Because he's just snarkily EPIC.

Scott Appleton said...

I love Katarn's character! But I doubt that will be their choice. There is a lot to do with Luke and Mara after Return Of The Jedi.


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