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Monday, November 18, 2013

31 Authors and an iPad Mini giveaway!

Christmas is coming! and fellow author Brock Eastman has engineered a scavenger hunt and giveaway. Details below:

Welcome to the 31 Author Scavenger Hunt. Let’s cut to the chase. The rumors are true, you could win an iPad Mini and 31 books from your favorite authors. What did I just read? Well let me explain.
31 Authors have teamed up to provide tons of awesome prizes just in time for Christmas. There are many ways to win something. First the #31AuthorHunt. This is the big one. There are three prize packages:
Grand Prize: an iPad Mini and 31 Books (one from each of the authors)
2nd and 3rd Prizes: 31 Books (one from each of the authors)
Plus some if not all of the Author Stops will have some sort of giveaway, signed books, giftcards, gift baskets, or maybe even your name in one of their books. Who knows, but here it goes.
So get ready and mark the date 11/30 on your calendar. That’s when it all begins. One week, 31 Authors, lots of prizes! Be sure to share the love with your friends and family.
Download the Christmas Tree image and make it your facebook profile image to show your support.
See below for a list of the amazing assortment of authors you’ll learn about and who want you to win their books. Here’s who you can expect:
Brock Eastman, Alexander Marestaing, Karen Whiting, Nancy I. Sanders, Simonetta Carr, Donita K. Paul, LB Graham, Robert Treskillard, Douglas Bond, Morgan Busse, Rachel Starr Thomson, Serena Chase, Jenelle Schmidt, Amy Green, Chris Miller, Jonathan Friesen, RJ larson, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Shannon Dittemore, Kerry Nietz, Jill Williamson, C.A. Beninati, J. L. Mbewe, Matt Mikalatos, DJ Edwardson, Robert Liparulo, Ronie Kendig, Heather Burch, James L. Rubart, Evan Angler, Scott Appleton, and we’re joined by Family Fiction.
A list of websites with links will be coming soon. Get started now by facebook posting, tweeting, or pinning the below text with the Christmas Tree image above:
Warm Fire. Free #Books. #Free #iPadMini. You could win by joining the #31AuthorHunt. Sorry Warm Fire not included.

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