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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Progress Update for "Offspring" Sequel

Sometimes in writing it is necessary to do the hard thing and today I decided that it was necessary. I had planned out my second novel quite precisely and thus far have almost 100 pages of a first draft. But I struck upon a grander scheme for the novel that will give it a lot more depth and more room for my imagination to play! I may still use the original plot too, but only as a secondary and not as the main storyline. Take note that I have changed the book's title to "Sword of the Dragon: The Key of Living Fire."


Shayna said...

Hey Scott, I've enjoyed reading your blog. And I think this new title sounds great!

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Amen!

Scott said...

Thanks, Shayna! There is something to be said for a willingness to throw away your work if you can do better, and this was one of those times. *Sniffles*

Anonymous said...

Oh--don't whine. It's not becoming! he he Really though, a side novelette is a great idea! Some imagination.....


Scott said...

Yes, I like that idea, Jennifer! Since the original idea still fits into the plot I just might do that--if the publisher agrees to it.


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