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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Timothy Zahn's "The Thrawn Trilogy"

I picked up a science fiction trilogy this past weekend and it was wonderful reading. It's Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command. I've been a Star Wars fan for a long time, ever since I saw A New Hope back when I was a young kid. These three books tell the story following the original Star Wars trilogy . . . five years after, to be precise.

If you like Star Wars, and if you enjoy well-plotted, character-driven novels, try these.


Kare Alethieas said...

I noticed your comment on Erastes Christianou's blog, and was intrigued, following the URL you provided.

I have just read through all your blog posts, and have to say I am impressed. I am an aspiring writer as well; I congratulate you on proposing to AMG, and hope that your proposal is excepted. They are really delving into the fiction genre after the success of DIOM (I am a major fan of Bryan Davis' works, and will do anything possible to get the word out about them. :P), and are searching for talent authors to add to their list.

Onto your post. I have read "Heir to the Empire", and was impressed with it. My dad is a former Sci-Fi geek and has most of the Star Wars books; Timothy Zahn has done a marvelous job with his books.

God Bless,

Erastes Christianou said...

I really liked the original Star Wars movies much better than the newer ones. I have to say, though, I have yet to read any of the Star Wars books. I will have to remember to keep my eye out, and when I have an opportunity, snatch one of them up. Thanks for the recommendation!

Scott said...

It's nice to meet you Kare! Welcome to the Flaming Pen!


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In a world where morality is forsaken and Christ neglected, wholesome books are uncommon. The themes of my writing are love, self-sacrifice, and honor.

I see my generation turning from God to the gods of this world. I see homes torn apart in the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification. Children are murdered by the millions every year . . . without ever seeing the world outside their mothers' wombs. Through fiction I strive to encourage those who are willing, to stand against these things and be heroes and heroines; chivalrous, gentle, full of righteous indignation, and the fear and love of their Creator.