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Monday, April 2, 2007


For those of you wondering what's happening with Sword of the Dragon: Offspring: Today I begin one final, mainly grammatical, edit. Mom worked hard last week to go through the manuscript for me. She has a sharp eye for this kind of thing--especially after homeschooling three kids straight through highschool.

My goal is to finish going through the manuscript and making the necessary changes within the next two days. Dan Penwell (AMG Publishers) and Mary Beth Chappell (Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary & Entertainment Agency) are both waiting on it, so I will print up two copies and mail it out to them (I'm planning) on Wednesday.

The second novel, The Key of Living Fire, is plotted out now and moving along at a slow, albeit steady, rate. I'll keep you updated.


Erastes Christianou said...

I am intrigued you, by chance, have a synopsis of your dragon novel? :D

Scott said...

I do have a synopsis, however--what if I sent you my "Teaser" for the book? Basically I'll e-mail you the first six chapters. The only catch is: I want to hear what you think of them . . . whether you like them or not!

Erastes Christianou said...
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Erastes Christianou said...

Yes! Yes! Please do! That would be awesome!! That's even better than a synopsis! I think my email address is in my profile *goes to check*

Hehe, it is now :)

I have to warn you, I'm a slow reader (just ask Mr. Davis), but I will let you know once I've read them :D


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