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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Of all creatures in God's creation, butterflies hold a special fascination for me.

Today, Mom and I went to the butterfly conservatory in MA. The picture above is my favorite, shot with my digital SLR. This little fella (or gal... I don't know which) was the ideal butterfly model. Quite photogenic!

The butterflies are everywhere and unafraid of people. They landed on us several times.

Denying God's handiwork is foolishness. I am reminded of that every time I witness another miracle of His creation. Many people today, especially in the younger generation, neglect to look at nature, to explore it, to study it, and to simply enjoy it. Perhaps this is part of the reason why evolutionary philosophy has gained such a foothold in America.

I praise God for the creatures He placed on this world for us to enjoy. No wonder He finished his work and declared it good! It is good!


Stephanie said...

Those are some really great photos, scott. It is true how for granted people take nature, and I think its crazy how people can just fly around without even second glancing at the awesome displays of greatness God has shown us in His creation..
By the way, my facebook is broken, once again.. but i emailed you.. but yeah, like the photos!

Scott Phillip Appleton said...

I like how you said that, Stephanie! "Fly around" ...very appropriate to the subject matter! Thanks for the compliment; I had fun taking those pictures.


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