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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Vacation's End

After a lot of driving (a total of approximately 50 hours) I am back home in good old Connecticut. I had a wonderful vacation, albeit a rather busy one, what with the wedding and all. Below is a picture of Stone Mountain in GA. It was the first time I've seen this Confederate monument and a memorable moment.
After viewing this gargantuan piece of artwork, it was time for me to climb the mountain. See the tiny man to the upper left in the photo below . . .?
Believe me, the climb was not as easy as it looks!
I want to post a congratulations, here, to my friend, Nathaniel. He and Eden, his southern belle, are now happily married and, I think, back in CT.

Anyways, I am back in CT. On Monday, April 7th, two works of mine will be published. One is an interview with Bryan Davis for MindFlights Magazine, and the other is "Moses and the Lamb" a short story to appear in Long Story Short, the ezine where my previous story "The Woodland King" was published.

I now have to get into a routine again before I start working at the Frito Lay factory. The job itself is not something I'm looking forward to, but the money will go a long way in helping me to pursue my writing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. So how was climbing the mountain? I could NEVER have done that. Good job.

Tony & Shayna said...

I'm glad to hear that you are back home safely and I look forward to recieving lots of *free* fritos in the mail. Haha. J/K. Only my parents, Tony & I will be venturing to CT next weekend. Matthew, Joey, and Brittany were not able to take the time off work. :( I know each of them would have loved to attend this glorious event! But we should be arriving sometime on Thursday. TTYL!

Scott Appleton said...

I already told Kelley, but just to let everyone know, that was a joke in my post. I have no idea who was rapelling down Stone Mountain. Apparently Jackson's beard was being reinforced with steel beams (that's what the park ranger said)...

Scott Appleton said...

No free Fritos (so far as I know). Places like that don't have a reputation for generosity, Shayna! You can tell Matt, from me, that I am extremely disappointed with him for not getting the time off of work. But I'm looking forward to seeing you and Tony. It's been a while, hasn't it?


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