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Sunday, July 26, 2009

SOLD OUT! Again!

On Saturday I met the young fellow picured below at a Borders signing. The weather was beautiful for the first time in days so selling went rather slow. But few novels did go out the doors!Today I was in Borders Express at the mall in Taunton, MA; the books SOLD OUT! Not only did all the books sell, but one young customer had to be turned down. I gave him a poster and bookmarks and I hope he returns when the store is re-stocked with Swords of the Six. I will definitely be arranging another signing at this store as all the books sold only an hour-and-a-half into the event. Below is one very happy owner of a freshly signed copy of my novel.

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CurlinLover said...

Alright!! Very nice, the "sold outs" are really starting to pile up!! (-:


"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." -Proverbs 16:24

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I see my generation turning from God to the gods of this world. I see homes torn apart in the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification. Children are murdered by the millions every year . . . without ever seeing the world outside their mothers' wombs. Through fiction I strive to encourage those who are willing, to stand against these things and be heroes and heroines; chivalrous, gentle, full of righteous indignation, and the fear and love of their Creator.