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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wrapping Up the Indiana tour

Over 2,500 Swords of the Six copies have been sold since its release 03/30/2009

My wife and I made a trip up to Mentone IN this week, intending to check out some inexpensive apartments. Instead she made a dress with the Richardson girls and I made calls to schools in GA and also tried the local Middle School in Akron IN. They graciously allowed me to come in and brought through the vast majority of their students. I spoke to the students in the library and sold a total of 77 books. It was a great event, a good time, and an energizing experience!

My sales at this school (Tippecanoe Valley Middle School) brought my total sales of Swords of the Six (to date) to over 2,500 !
Sunday we leave Indiana and head to Missouri. I haven't been able to get any events out there, but maybe I can get something last minute... like this event. God is blessing.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Wowser...that's a TON more from those 2K you had a few weeks ago! 5K by the end of this tour :P lol

Keep it up!

Chris said...

Congrats! I remember when a few weeks it was only 2k! Keep going!

angel fuller said...

cograts ty for coming to tippy i was in one of your last groups i ended up with your signature and a bookmark and i plan on getting your book you are amazing you have a skill and i love writing poems


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