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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Approaching Horizon

So... I've had a busy but profitable trip so far and have been to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and now staying in Tennessee. My wife is pregnant (ten weeks) my second novel is written, and I have signings booked in Georgia and North Carolina. Also, in January I released The Fairy's Ruby Cage from Flaming Pen Press.

I'll be on the road for a bit longer. Then I'm taking the summer easier, hopefully. The first week of April I'll be driving my wife back up to Connecticut and we'll be staying there for a little while. Time enough to have the baby in late August and then plan my Fall and Christmas book tours.

I am hoping to move out to Harrison, Ohio in the Fall. I liked it out there and it is a central location from which I can more easily hit all parts of the US (unlike Connecticut, right on the coast).

Also the artwork for Kestrel's Midnight Song (written by Idaho debut author Jacob Parker) will be completed soon. Then it's on to cover design, ISBN and barcode, editing, and then printing for a hopeful publication date of September 2010 (a lot earlier than I had originally anticipated). I'm looking to retail that book for $15.99 (softcover).

My wife and I had a little scare yesterday. She got extremely dehidrated and I had to give her a drop of a solution (water, sugar, salt) every five minutes. Her body rejected everything until about five o'clock that evening. Thankfully God pulled her through without us having to go to the hospital. I stayed up 'till about five AM and made sure to hidrated herself regularly. So the baby is still safe. And my wife says this is the stage at which the little fingernails start to grow and the other organs really grow. She should start 'showing' soon enough!

Anyway, there's an update for everyone!


Rachel Danielle said...

Oh- wow I'm glad God pulled you through that scare. I can't wait for the books to come. Kestrel's may be out in time for my birthday this! That's quite quick. Yay! I didn't know if the Ruby Cage was out yet or not. I'll have to go look for it!


Storyteller said...

Great to hear that Jacob's book is coming along so well!

So exciting that your wife is going to have a baby! Though that scare was maybe too exciting. Praise God she is alright. Do you have a due date?

Wayne Leeke said...
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Wayne Leeke said...

(Well now, my first comment had a spelling mistake. That sort of thing bugs me to no end, so I had to delete it.)

I hope your wife gives birth to a healthy child. God does what God pleases, but all happens for the better. Sorry to hear she wasn't doing very well though, and I hope that sort of thing does not happen again.


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