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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can't help but wonder...

Can't help but wondering...

A couple weeks ago contract negotiations with AMG Publishers closed with pleasing results. In a short while I will be ending production of "Swords of the Six" and transfering that privilidge to AMG. The publisher expects to release "Swords of the Six" this November and I find myself wondering, with great anticipation, what the new cover will look like and the new interior design. The publisher agreed to use the same artwork, so I can expect to see the dragon image on the new book.
I am eager to begin promoting the new book--and the forthcoming two sequels. The success of my self-published book gives me great hope that, once released, I can continue to give it into the hands of fantasy readers everywhere. I've noticed that most of my readers are fans of secular series such as Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings. But, now, with AMG backing my series I expect to grow my audience with readers of Christian Fantasy (Dragons in Our Midst, The Door Within, and Narnia).
AMG Publishers asked me to provide material for sales, marketing, and book cover copy, and catalogue information. They had some pretty challenging requests, namely succinct sales lines/pitches. Here is a glimpse of what I worked out:
  1. Described my book in 25 words
    A dragon prophet seeks justice and hatches human daughters from eggs, paving with holy sacrifice the path to conquering an ancient evil.

  2. Described by book in 50 words
    Betrayed in ancient times by his choice warriors, the dragon prophet sets a plan in motion to bring the traitors to justice. One thousand years later he hatches human daughters from eggs and arms them with the traitors’ swords. Either the traitors will repent, or justice will be served.

This has been a great year. I'm looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in the coming months!


Seth said...

Interesting that you chose Lord of the Rings to be in the secular section. Heh, I guess that's partly an opinion.

What can we-the readers-do to help promote your book besides the obvious (Facebook posts, reviews, etc)

Star-Dreamer said...

Man, I sooo badly want to read this book! I've heard nothing but good word of it, but I haven't a bank card! It's so frusterating! Do you accept money orders? I really want to read this.

And then, yes, what can we do to help promote? I would be more than willing to step in and lend a hand. :)

Scott Appleton said...

Email me and we can arrange for you to send a money order. Softcover is $10, Hardcover w/Jacket is $20 (and just add $5 for shipping on either of them). email:

And thanks to you and Seth for offering to help promote. If I think of anything I'll let you know, but as it stands most of that will be done by AMG and myself.

Jake said...

lol, Seth, I thought the same thing. I love LOTR. :)

Fair Maiden said...

I've been wondering that myself. What will the new cover look like? I can't wait to see your books released and of course for your readers to get to read your second book! :) You writing ability is always growing and I can't wait for your many readers/fans get to see how not only the story, but the writer has progressed!

~Your Wife~ :)

Beorn said...

Lord of the Rings... secular?? It's read by lots of seculars, but it's definitely not secular in and of itself =D

With that said... I can't wait to read this book!! Though, since I'm out of money anyway, I think I'll wait till AMG publishes it so I can buy it at my local bookstore.

I wish you well in writing the rest!

Anonymous said...

I hop they keep the same cover, looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hope they keep the same cover. Its awesome!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

The cover art will be the same but the design will be slightly different ;)

I agree with Scott on LOTR :D lol

@Seth, promote by shoving the book in people's faces :-P lol


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