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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If I Was A Bachelor

My wife has just started selling her handmade items online via an Etsy Shop (which you can find here She is working on baby blankets and tonight I admired the red and gray colors of the new blanket she's crocheting. "Honey," she said, "that is pink and purple."

Well, I am color deficient, not color blind... an important distinction (-: but my color senitivity is better some days than others. I guess today is a worse color day. I don't get bad hair days, just bad color days!

So I told my wife. "Wow. It's a good thing I'm not a bachelor. If I were I could be buying pink and purple bedsheets!" Oh my, and could that extend into towels and curtains? Thank God I'm married and she is just fine with colors!
By the way, guys, before you go off saying "he's color blind" with big googly eyes, remember that around 70% of us are--most just don't know it. So when you singles get married, let her choose the colors (you'll be better off that way)!

P.S. I got a good deal of writing done today. Just check out my wife's picture here for proof and look for the word count at the top right on this blog. The big dictionary is an original 1878 (great dictionary).


Evergreena said...

Haha, yeah. My brother is a bit color-blind. He refused to admit it until we took him to an eye doctor, who confirmed our suspicions. :)

We have a reprinting of an 1828 Noah Webster dictionary. It's awesome, though some of the meanings are a bit obscure now. Maybe that's why it's so awesome.

Mom said...

Oooo I just KNEW that dictionary would come in handy!! :) Too funny about the colors! Love "Mom"

Star-Dreamer said...

I have a question for you: a request perhaps.

I was just wondering how in the world you managed to self publish your book and sell so many copies in one year. What on earth was your secret?!

Ha,ha! I guess I'm getting a bit carried away, but it's difficult (and frustrating) to find a publisher or an agent these days willing to have a look at an unknown author... especially in Christain specfic. I know I just started on the journy and I have a long way to go before it's over... but sometimes, self publishing looks real good. :)

Someday, I keep telling myself. Someday...

I hope my patience lasts that long.

Scott Appleton said...

To answer your question I'll have to write a blog post/or an article everyone can read.
Let me think of the best medium to use.

Scott Appleton said...

Have you read this article I wrote:
Let me know what questions this article doesn't answer.

K.M. Weiland said...

Ha! Love it. Color deficiency must be kind of like being vertically challenged (err... short), yes? ;)


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