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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New, Fun Websites!

For quite a while now I've been shopping around the web, and among people I meet, for a great website design. That is, without success until now:

There is an awesome online software called Wix and I have used it to create new websites for both myself and for my company. Check them out:

And, of course, let me know what you think! I was especially pleased with the way the FPP site turned out. The greatest part about the Wix software? I can easily edit both sites, change them around, etc, and as often as I like. The former Flaming Pen Press website used a Wordpress software and I could never figure out how to do anything fancy with it.


Star-Dreamer said...

Wow. Those look awesome. I've looked into Wix too, but I just can't seem to get the hange of it yet... oh well. I'll keep trying!

Both of the sites look good, but I think I'm especially impressed with the Sword of the dragon site: that one definately caught my attention. Although I assume you took your short stories off because you are working on your anthology... guess I'll have to wait till Christmas, then, to finish them.


Andrew K. York said...

On the Flaming Pen Press site is there any way to buy 'The Fairy's Ruby Cage'

Scott Appleton said...

Hi Andrew,
You can either buy that title on Amazon, or you can PayPal $10 to me and I will send you a copy. We have some in stock and I include shipping in that price.


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