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Saturday, September 25, 2010

What about my blog Followers/readers?

Here we are in late September and my mind is running wild on how to make the biggest sales impact with my novel Swords of the Six. It will be released in February 2011... only four and a half months away.

I want to spring a large number of pre-orders (a few hundred would do the trick). I'm thinking if I can get half of my facebook fans to commit to buying one copy each that should do the trick. I'm also going to invite my facebook friends. Between the two of those I have somewhere around six hundred people. But getting them to actually do it . . . it always sounds easier than it is.

The fact that the book is available for pre-order on Amazon for only $10 should make my task far easier. So what about all of my blog followers? Will you place a pre-order for my AMG novel? It won't cost you much and you'll be helping a good cause (-:
I am going to unabashedly push this book into everyone's hands. I want it to be a hit with the publisher so that they will want another four novels to follow up the first three.
What kind of an incentive can I offer people to pre-order? Ideas . . . throw ideas at me, please!


Seth said...

Incentives? Just throwing this out there, but what about a free short story or a few chapters of the next book when anyone sends in a receipt of the pre-order? Or there's the classic bookmark/signed book plate. Or both haha.

Beorn said...

I like the idea of a free short story--possibly an e-book?

Andrew K. York said...

I think that those that pre-order 'Swords of the Six' should get a free bookmark/ and poster. The idea of a free short story is a good idea too.

You could also give a free copy of 'By Sword, By Right' to the first 10 people that pre-order...

Just an idea...

Jake said...

Ooh...I may be able to do this. When are you planning on everyone buying? Or is it just any random time?

Scott Appleton said...

Hmm... keep the ideas coming. I want to have a really large number of pre-orders on Amazon.

Jake, I'd like people to start buying now. I will decide on a reward for pre-orderers and then, to redeem the pre-order reward, you'll just forward the receipt to me via email.

To everyone,
What would you think of a free copy of "By Sword, By Right" if you order two copies of "Swords of the Six"? The amazon price is so low I want everyone to take advantage of it.

Seth said...

@Scott I love the idea. I wouldn't be able to buy two copies now, but in a month or two probably.

Andrew K. York said...

That sounds like a great idea!!

Star-Dreamer said...

I would totally order two copies if I had money right now. But I'm broke. However, I'll see what I can do in october. :D


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