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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The adventures begin!

Swords of the Six is finally available from AMG Publishers! I received my author copies last week and I've already begun selling copies. From this point on I need to focus again on my writing and promoting my books. I am well situated to live inexpensively while still holding a decent hourly job, and writing and selling my books. My third novel in The Sword of the Dragon series is coming along now. I passed 85,000-words and I'm aiming for it to be a bit longer than my second Sword of the Dragon novel (which is coming out July 15th).

I'm looking into writers' conferences and am strongly leaning toward attending the ACFW conference in St. Louis this year. My objective would be to connect with other authors, primarily, and meet some of the editors that interest me.

I went door-to-door in a local neighborhood and handed out a letter to folks, informing them of my book and asking them to check it out on Amazon and at stores. Out of 30 homes, I sold one book immediately and several more said they will check it out online. I think the trip was worth it (about and hour-and-a-half). I'm planning to do it again but this time visit a couple hundred houses.

Good night everyone! Let the adventures begin!


Millardthemk said...

That's wonderful Mr. Appleton! God's blessings on you with this endeavor!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Awesome Scott! I just got a job too so maybe I'll be able to scrap up a visit to AMG this year? ::shrugs:: Time will tell.

Best of luck in selling the new print run! Anyway I can help I always will haha

Star-Dreamer said...

Amazing! And that's a good picture too. lol! :) I read SOTS before it came out by AMG, and I definitely enjoyed it. I know you were hinting at a few changes in it, now that it is newly released. I will definitely have to check it out. :D Best of luck in all of your publishing endeavors.

Scott Appleton said...

Thank you everyone! It is very exciting. I am eagerly anticipating book two's release in July.

Yes,there are an extra ten pages in the novel (new content) (-:

Star-Dreamer said...

Yeah! Ten pages can hold a lot of info. ^_^ I can't wait to read them. And I look forward to the release of book two in July. :)


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