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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A word to the wise: when you write an email...

With the advent of phone texting it seems that people everywhere have trashed well-written sentences and thoughtfully-composed emails. I recently pointed out to my wife the difference between two emails I had received. One was from an individual looking for professional advice, and the other was from a reader of my blog.

The first individual wrote in complete sentences but never capitalized and grouped all sentences into one very long paragraph. Considering that this individual was looking for my advice it would have come off far better to me if he had taken the time to make his message look professional. It is possible that he supposed it would seem less imposing and more friendly... I suppose.

On the other hand, the second individual wrote in a well-formatted manner with capitalizations. And the impression I had of this individual was that he wrote to me with great respect and consideration of my time.

Of the two individuals I would have expected the first to take the greater care with the composition of his email. He needed questions answered and I was willing to give him advice.

(Please note: I am not saying this to bash the first individual. I just want people to think about something many take for granted nowadays). In fact, I have received many other emails formatted in a similar fashion. But an email can and should reflect the nature of your attitude when you are approaching a professional.

A word to the wise: When you write an email consider how it will appear to the editor, agent, or author who is receiving it. We do notice those seemingly mundane details and they can make a world of difference in the validity of your correspondence.

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