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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why Windows 8 is frustrating

Windows used to be a practical interface for the desktop computer (which is my machine of choice). But with the introduction of Windows 8 Microsoft has earned my ire. Why?
  1. I am not a touch-screen person when it comes to my desktop or laptop experience. Win8 is all about the touch-screen experience. I do not want to be constantly cleaning my Work Machine of fingerprints and the like. I want to interface with a touchpad and/or my mouse because I am working with text for hours at a time.
  2. TOO BUSY! Win8 operates on an app-style platform, thus when I open my computer it keeps active apps updated in the background while I run other programs. But I want my computer's power dedicated solely to the programs I have instructed it to run.
  3. Swiping shortcut gestures are frustrating, to say the least! At one point I was working in three windows: Photoshop, MSWord, and Internet Explorer. Every time I swiped for a certain action in Photoshop the program would close and open the previous program because its "intuitive" system determined that is what I wanted.
  4. SIMPLER IS BETTER and Win8 is like a toy with too many buttons designed for the hobbyist, not the professional
My conclusion: if Microsoft continues in this direction they will lose my business, and if an upstart company can come up with a smart alternative to Windows they can gain the edge in this limited market. I am seriously considering downgrading to Windows 7.

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