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Friday, March 28, 2008

Visit to AMG Publishers

After leaving the Davis's house in western Tennessee, I drove to Chattanooga to meet with Dan Penwell at AMG Publishers. We discussed the issue of names (which had come up in my last communication with him) and he concluded that he was mistaken and my characters' names were fine. So that was a possitive thing.

I also asked him bluntly, if AMG would consider doing my books in hardcover. He said definitely not. The cost is prohibitive which raises the sale price by a considerable margin. I was disappointed to hear that because it seems that fantasy readers, as a whole, prefer a hardcover volume.

Next I showed him the artwork I've commissioned for the novel. He called in several other key men at AMG and had them look at the artwork. A couple of them had quite a few questions for me and we talked at length about the resistence to fantasy in some of the Christian market.

Later, when the other editors had left us alone in the office, Dan placed a call to Gina Bucy, one of his readers. She came in within fifteen minutes and I was thrilled by how excited she was about my novel. It was encouraging to hear her complement me on my writing.

It was a profitable visit. They didn't hand me a contract, but Dan assured me they will be in touch after their next meeting. Please pray I was able to pull the necessary people into my corner so that, when they have the meeting, they will decide for contract.


Pais Charos said...

That's awesome Scott! Keep us posted! *crosses fingers and hopes*

I'm one of those rare fantasy readers that tends to prefer paperbacks...just cause they're cheaper :6 But ... sometimes I don't care, I just want to read it!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!! We'll keep praying. It's too bad they can't do hardbacks. Unlike Connie, I prefer hardbacks all the way. But, that's okay. It doesn't change the content of the book (which is beyond excellent in your case). :-)
The wedding is today, right? Many blessings to the new couple. Even though I never met your friend, I heard so much about him, I'm happy for him.

Scott Appleton said...

Connie, you're the second person that's told me you prefer paperback. Considering the fact that you like hardcover but don't mind softcover, Kelley, I'd say that AMG is right: softcover will be easier to sell. So I'm dropping that as an issue. If AMG wants to do softcover... I'm fine with that!

Pais Charos said...

Yup! The point right now is GETTING IT PUBLISHED! I don't care what form it's in, I'll read it either way.

I started reading SotS on the plane. I LOVE DANTESS! But you knew that already ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, softcover is absolutely fine. As Connie said, the main thing is GETTING IT PUBLISHED! :)

Robert Treskillard said...


Sounds like a good meeting between you and AMG! And wonderful that you got to spend time at the Davis's.

I'm in process on SoTS, and will get back with you when I have it done!


Scott Appleton said...

RT, I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of SOTS. I do think the publisher is going to accept it.

Anonymous said...

Brian just stopped in the store and filled me in on the latest-I am so happy for you and glad to hear things are going so well. I also enjoy paperbacks for the price unless I plan on collecting them but as I get older, I realize I just can't haul thousands of books around anymore so I sell most of them off or give them away. Unfortunately, I have to say most books I have collected have always been the fantasy novels because they always seem to come in threes or fours....
Maybe there is a future in hardcover from the Science Fiction Book Club! They make slightly smaller versions of hardcovers and sell millions-I've been a member for more years than I want to admit-lol.
Have a safe trip back!

Scott Appleton said...

Thanks, Sharon, and that is very interesting about the book club. When I start spreading my novels around, maybe I can get it placed with a book club. They seem to be a great way to sell a lot of copies.


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