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Monday, March 22, 2010

National Tour & "This's a Messed Up Country!"

I know, the title sounds somewhat fatalistic, but actually I meant it in a positive way. I had a booksigning at Borders-Stonecrest in Charlotte, NC this Saturday and sold another 13 books. Thanks to Lisa for giving me a very warm welcome to her store. That was the last event in the western half of the state. Now I am on the eastern side of North Carolina. Tomorrow I'll be addressing students at Brogden Middle School and I'm really looking forward to it. Not only will this be the last school on this tour, but the media director emailed to say she read the book and really enjoyed it. It's always great to have feedback from my readers. So far out of around (I'm estimating) 1,000-readers, only two have said they didn't care for my novel. Check out this recent email I received from a new fan:
Mr. Appleton,
...I'd like to ask you about your book. More specifically, when will the next one come out? I read the first in one day (unfortunately typical for me), and I'm REALLY READY to read the next. I can't wait!It was very good, a little suspensful, dramatic, etc, etc (i could go on for quite a few emails, but you wrote it, so of course you know). I even cried when
*SPOILER DELETED* I haven't done that since I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. There is no notice in the first book (or at least in my copy) that says if you have any idea when the next will come out, so I was just curious...Thank you, -Emily C.

On another note: I was appauled by the passage of the Health Care bill by the house yesterday. I spent hours watching both sides present their arguments. The result? I learned that much of the hype concerning Obama's administration is based in fact. Between sixteen and eighteen thousand new IRS agents will ensure mandated, government-approved healthcare to citizens of the US. But the illegals don't have to pay and they get the same benefits. Wow! I seriously wonder if it is worth while to have US citizenship anymore. If I became an illegal I'd have the right to choose what I pay for, at the very least.Let me quote from the first "Mummy" movie from the Americans, only I'll say this about America "This's a messed up country!"


Seth said...

It's not completely passed yet, we still have a chance. Small chance, but a chance nonetheless. And the political races have started, I am hoping and campaigning for a republican majority.

Scott Appleton said...

Unfortunately that statement is not correct.
On Saturday it was decided in the House to deal with the original bill (from December) separate from the altered bill. The December bill, which is the worst, passed and is now on to the President's desk.
Several times the Republican representatives stated very clearly, urging Democrats to reconsider because the bill would go DIRECTLY to the President. Once signed, the bill becomes law. And Obama has already promised that it will be.
If you need to verify this here is a quote from

"Last Night, the House passed the Senate Health care bill by a vote of 219-212. It will now be sent to the President for his signature. The Reconciliation bill, which also passed the House, now heads to the Senate for debate in that body."

The Health Care bill is over and done.
Now the fight to push through a more moderate bill begins.

Seth said...

Thanks for the clarification. Though that's a good quote, I'm still not going to quite believe that, as from what I've been told by good sources it is not going straight there. Thank you for sharing that side of the equation though.

Scott Appleton said...

What sources?
I watched the debate in the house for around 12 hours, Saturday and Sunday.
Are you saying the Representatives were deceived into thinking this would go on to the president's desk?
Check out any news site of repute: they are all verifying the same thing.
You say you have good sources.
What about Fox,CNN, Washington Journal... Don't just say you disagree because of 'sources'
Headlines agree: Bill Passed

Scott Appleton said...

Now that the House, in a historic vote, has passed the Senate's health care bill and sent it to the president's desk, state lawmakers and attorneys general already are lining up to challenge its constitutionality and wage an outside-the-Beltway war against it in the courts.

-quote from FOX News

Seth said...

Like I said, those are good quotes. Some of the sources I will not say for the protection of the person[s], however, and some have been senators (via their FB page). Again, thank you.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Seth, if it was via their FB page then the information is public ;) But I'm still not seeing where this is all coming from. Everyone in their brother agrees it was passed.

Scott, you posted another spoiler :P lol
But that's awesome! So yes...what did you tell her about Offspring's release? :D

Scott Appleton said...

I did? LOL What spoiler was that?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

"I even cried when Dantress died!"

What???? Dantress dies? :P LOL

Seth said...

I was talking about people who are very involved in politics who I won't say their names, the senators and representatives. But after talking to one of my sources I am humbled and must apologize for my stubborn-ness(?) before. You were right, my apologies, they put it in a way that seemed like it was going to the senate. Sorry,


Scott Appleton said...

Oops! You are right! I wonder if I need to edit that...

That's ok. Thanks for acknowledging that... I was just very surprised you doubted me as I spent so much time examining the in House debate.
Anyway, let's pray a way will be found to reverse the damage this administration is doing to our freedoms.

Seth said...

The good news is that we have a chance to take back congress. I'm not saying we need to get every senator/representative out of congress and start completely new, but we do need to work on getting the dishonest congressmen and women out. And I will be fighting for it this year.

Wayne Leeke said...

I'm not even quite sure what to say about all this. Our government is sick; in sickness it has forgotten that it serves the people and not its self. The destruction of personal freedom isn't what the founding fathers had in mind. Why can't we learn a lesson from Europe's past? Communistic ideas all ways fail and should never be suggested.


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