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Monday, April 26, 2010

"Offspring" cover design!

The manuscript is written, the cover art is finished, and now the cover design has been completed. Kirk DouPonce, designer extraordinaire!

I've been discussing the details with AMG Publishers. Within the next few weeks I'll be posting more definite news related to that! ...In the mean time I'll continue working on "The Key of Living Fire" and some other projects.


Andrew K. York said...

Great Job on your book!

I love the cover art!

Evergreena said...

I love it! I like how the design ties in with the Swords of the Six! Cool!

Beorn said...

Wow... that is some good art.

Also, I wasn't sure where to say this, but there is someone using your first book cover's dragon on their website: It's deceiving because the background is different, but I matched them up.

Anyway, just not sure if you wanted it on there is all. =)

Scott Appleton said...

Thank you for bringing that site to my attention. I've sent the site to the artist because she knows how to deal with copyright violations.
I really appreciate you bringing that to my attention. The rights of the artist and the author need to be protected.

K.M. Weiland said...

Lovely! Absolutely beautiful work. Congrats to both you and the designer.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Awesome cover design! I love the way it matches SOTS but still is unique. The blue flare is pretty cool!

Hope things are going well with AMG and TKOLF!

Scott Appleton said...

Things are going well with AMG... the release date they've set for SoTS is February 11th 2011.

I've been working on TKoLF (did you notice the progress in my sidebar? The word count for TKoLF?

Victor said...

That Illustration is completely AMAZING. THE ILLUSTRATION ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention how cool the illustration is?

Seth said...

Just got done reading SotS this afternoon. It was pretty awesome. I've also reviewed it on my blog-
I'm so excited for Offspring, you left quite a cliffhanger :D lol

Scott Appleton said...

Glad you both like the art...!

Thanks for the review, Seth!

Seth said...

No problem! I was glad to do it. Swords of the Six was a great book and I'm looking forward to seeing it republished (is that the correct term? lol) next year.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Scott, I have a few years left to wait on TKOLF :P
Yeah I noticed the word count :P lol

@Seth, Offspring totally exceeds your expectations ;) Promise lol

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Also, do we have permission to repost this cover art?

Scott Appleton said...

Yes, post the cover art wherever you want. The more publicity the better! But AMG will likely do an entirely new cover design utilizing the same artpiece.

Yes, I that is an appropriate term. I just tell people it will be re-released under the AMG (Living Ink) label.

Pelican said...

Hey mr. Appleton, I've seen two different covers for offspring. I'm looking to buy it online but I see two different covers with different pictures. Are they the same book?



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