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Monday, April 23, 2012

Home again... and making plans!

The tour is now over. I am tired but I feel great! Nothing compares to working my dream job. I met new fans and drove over 6,000-miles in the process. Yep, that was a lot of driving, but I sold over 300 books.

Now, you might ask, what comes next? Firstly, I am looking for an hourly job so that over the summer I can clear away some debt. And then, as soon as I am financially able, my wife and I will shop for an appropriate RV. That's right; I am going to be on the road, touring, almost non-stop. I will have an author's dream flexibility. I can bring my family and home with me wherever I go. Surely this will have its share of challenges, but what in life doesn't? And at least I will be doing what I love to do. My hope is to hit the east coast down to Florida and then head westward toward California. Oh what adventures lie in store!


need2read said...

I just started Swords of the Six a day or two ago and I love it. I can't wait to read the next one. Do you have a date for the release of #3 yet?

Scott Appleton said...

Some sites probably have the old cover design, but if you order it you'll get the cover with the girl and the creature (not the blue one in the cave).
As to book #3 Key Of Living Fire; it is coming out any day. Literally! The release date was yesterday.


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