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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hardcover "Swords of the Six"

Due to miscommunications during the justjacket design, this is long overdue. But, at last, I have the first hardcover of Swords of the Six in hand. It looks great.

Take note that if you want to purchase this edition you must wait 6 weeks for it to be entered in the distributors' sites. Otherwise, if you absolutely cannot wait, send me an email. I am able to place orders for them now. I have several requests for this, but I need to get an exact number of orders along with payment. This retails for $34.95

Below: Hardcover w/dustjacket beside the Softcover


J.R. Parker said...

Well the end result is very attractive.

Scott Appleton said...

Thanks, J.R., have you picked up a copy yet?

Joraiem said...

Is there a book two? I haven't read your book but it sounds good!

Scott Appleton said...

If you look down the side-bar on my blog you will see that several sequels are in the works. I'm hoping to have novel 2 finished next year. But it is considerably longer than "Swords of the Six"


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