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Saturday, April 4, 2009

QVCC Booksigning

The first booksigning of my writing career took place April 1st at Quinnebaug Valley Community College on the Danielson Campus. It was a wonderful time and Kelley and I sold almost twenty copies of Swords of the Six

Erin Pagano is pictured above with me. She spearheaded this event and I credit her with its success. Thanks Erin!

I also met a group of college students who are weapons enthusiasts. Below I am talking with Frank (holding his sword). We discussed possibly doing a booksigning event jointly while they do one of their swordfighting shows.


Busy Minnesota Mama said...

Scott, I happened across your blog tonight and have to say I am quite intrigued. My 18 yr old daughter is very into fantasy and I think she would like your books. My business partner is a librarian. I will be passing on your site address. I wish you great success.
On a side note, I must say that you have been "surfed". Drop on by my blog to see what that means. ~verna

Anonymous said...

I love good fantasy! Thank you so much! Are they appropriate books for a fifteen-year-old? Because I don't want to buy a book and then not be able to read it. :)
I'm writing a Biblical Fantasy! I am 126 pages into the first book (It is a trilogy called "The Journey" - at least until I think of a better one).
Lady Ëarwen

Scott Appleton said...

Absolutely age appropriate for a 15-year-old! This is a Christian Fantasy series. It is not allegory, it is just an adventure tale. But I've had readers as young as 15 so far... I'm sure there'll be some younger ones, too.

Scott Appleton said...
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Anonymous said...

Le suilon!
Awesome, I am so glad!
I cannot wait to buy it!!!
Have you read the 'Dragonspell' series? I'm going to read them - I ordered them from the Library.
My favorite books are:
The Bible =D
the Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
Dragons in our Midst
The Seven Sleepers
The Archives of Anthropos
The Door Within
Hangman's Curse


Anar kaluva tielyanna!
Lady Ëarwen

Pais Charos said...

A book-signing/sword-fighting event would be so cool! LOL! No rusted crystal swords, though..hehe.

Wish I lived closer and could actually come to some of your events. Maybe one day....


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