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Monday, September 7, 2009

1,200 Books Sold!

First off the BIG NEWS: Swords of the Six passed 1,200-copies sold today! The Fair was a big help and I am looking to do more of this same kind of event next year.

Also, I am contracting the first author beside myself to be published by my company Flaming Pen Press. I will give more details later. Suffice it to say I am starting a line of Fantasy/Sci-Fi booklets to be sold at Fairs and other such events to complement Flaming Pen Press book releases. The first author is P.M.M. Green and the story is called The Ruby Cage of Fairy Rae.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

urg...for a long moment I thought you were talking about Jacob lol.

So does this mean that Flaming Pen is open for submissions? or no?

Scott Appleton said...

Hi Nathan,
Jacob does have an offer on the table from Flaming Pen Press, but this author is the first to agree to contract.

As you will see from the Flaming Pen Press website, no unsolicited submissions are accepted at this time. ...But it is my hope Jacob will also join the up-and-coming authors at Flaming Pen Press. If he does then I will announce it here.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I think Jacob's just editing and such before accepting. And probably just considering all options. It's a big decision.

I wish all three of you the best of luck :D

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome Scott! We're glad the fair was such a success! Much love to you both!!
Auntie Steph


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