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Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Avatar" -a movie review

If I were to rate this movie out of ten possible stars, I'd give it 9 out of 10. The visual effects were stunning and the story, though not overly deep, felt like it fit the movie quite well. The acting was great and the art was phenomenal. Original ideas, creatures, panoramic scapes, believable characters... I lost myself in the world of Pandora.
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I would love to see a sequel, however the end wrapped things up very nicely so I think there would be a danger in sequels revisiting/rehashing the old themes.
But don't bring children to watch this. It has a good deal of language, a sex scene, and natives with little to no clothing.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Yes I too liked the movie. The religion thing was a bit iffy on my part...without it I doubt there could have been a story. But other than was awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome movie and already two sequels are planned. I think the director has already written all three rought-draft scripts. So hopefully with all the time he's taken it will be worth the wait!!

Scott Appleton said...

Really? I knew he wanted to do sequels, but didn't hear it was definite. I saw on one review the director and he said something about up to Avatar 10. I doubt it will go that far; it is hard to be grabbing enough with five or six.
BTW it's nice to have my brother comment again, Brian! I was beginning to think you don't really watch this blog anymore!

Jared Sloger said...

I loved this movie! And you can read more of my thoughts about it on my blog. I was completely amazed! This is definitely the one near 3 hour movie besides Star Wars Episode 3 that I could watch over and over again in a short time period! I read that either in a sci-fi magazine, or an Entertainment magazine that there was enough material left for a sequel. I'm guessing that would be written material and concept art that never made it into the finished product. Although knowing how James Cameron works, he's a big time perfectionist so I don't see how he would make a sequel when I think this movie was beautifully concluded. I will admit I did feel like I would have loved to see even more the world of Pandora and more about the Na'vi. Not that I was left feeling like the movie was lacking, but it's just so fascinating you feel like Dr. Augustine and you want to study the planet and the people as much as you can!

I was watching the Chiustream the other day on Ustream by Bobby Chiu and he's a concept artist that worked on the new Alice in Wonderland, and he's heard some stories regarding how James Cameron works. The one that he mentioned was that one of the designers made this button control for something an Cameron didn't approve of it because it wasn't the button he remembered from his imagination and so he made the guy go back and redesign it which ended up costing them quite a lot of money to reproduce and in the end the button only shows for a split second. With that in mind, part of me wonders why there would need to be a sequel other than to make more profit. Part of me thinks that this should be a stand alone movie but in a way, part of me wants a little more.


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