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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dixie Heights Visit

We went to Dixie Heights High School in Kentucky today. I had a lot of fun speaking to two Creative Writing classes and later addressing about a hundred students in the auditorium. My favorite part of this visit was finally meeting one of my blog followers Nathan Petrie (pictured with me). Nathan has a heart for the Lord, both my wife and I saw it, and someday I wager we'll all see his novels on our bookshelves!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks so much for coming! I had a great time! Next book tour we'll grab you again ;) And we'll make sure you sell more lol

Hopefully TSOF hits the shelves one of these days lol. I think it will :)

Thanks for chatting with me for 2 hours ::laughs:: It was awesome :)

Wayne Leeke said...

Thanks for coming to dixie! It was nice to ask a writer a few questions, and I'll be sure to pick up your book sometime. Be sure to come again!

Anonymous said...

It was nice to have you talk about your book in my Creative Writing class. You presented yourself very well and the Lord. Very rarely does Dixie have christian guests, which also happen to do what I love.

I've never been more interested in the answers that people have asked a guest before.

I love how you're taking a huge risk in your life. You have a lot of faith in God and that's what inspired me yesterday and it continues to.

I'm depressed that I didn't buy one of your books, but not for long. Borders has your book! I've never really been interested in dragons and such but man you caught my attention. Sounds better than Lord of the Rings, honest.


Scott Appleton said...

Thank you for your high praise. I'm going to seek a signing at the Borders down the street from the school. But if you want to you can buy it directly from me whenever you are ready. We can arrange that through PayPal.

God bless!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Scott, you're coming back? What you staying down here for the rest of the week? lol. I'll try and direct some people to the store if you let me know when it is.

Wayne Leeke said...

There's the Library right down the street from dixie, maybe you could do a signing there aswell? I'm sure they'd love to have an author do a book siging.


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