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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas: as it approaches

Hard to believe it; I looked at today's date and time has flown. I've been so busy that I feel I've hardly caught a breath; a lot of driving and putting my pen to the signature page of Swords of the Six. But the book is making an impact on this area and I'm going to return to Indiana to hit some schools I don't have time for this month. My plan is to go to Missouri for a week in early January and then return here to follow up with signings and hit more schools. Then, sometime in February I'll be in Atlanta GA. In between that I want to stop in Tennessee.

...Goodnight, dear readers! Merry Christmas!

My wife has prepared a late-night soup and it smells good (as usual). So I have some food to eat, perhaps we'll watch a I Dream of Jeanie episode, and then some sleep. Tomorrow I plan to veg... and organize/prepare for the remaining December events. I need to start booking January events, too.

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Noah said...

Is it possible you could come to WA?


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