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Monday, December 28, 2009

New Adventures in the Works!

It seems that as I finish one project another is eagerly waiting for me. I've sent the necessary files for the cover and interior of The Fairy's Ruby Cage to the printer. The proof arrives, holidays permitting, within the week. As soon as I approve the proof there is approximately 30 days to wait for the title to appear on
Check out the artwork above: your glimpse into this 60-page book; Short but packed with a powerful story that will wrench at your heart. Artist Jared Sloger has done a FABULOUS job visualizing Kif's struggle with the dark wizard.
If this novella sells well, and I predict it will (especially retailing for a mere $9.99) I will be putting up a notification on the Flaming Pen Press website that I am opening to submissions of science fiction and fantasy stories between 10,000 and 20,000-words-long. My vision is a set of these novellas, perhaps twenty or so different stories by various fresh authors.
Now, as I wait for the proof of The Fairy's Ruby Cage to arrive, I am going to try to really hammer out my next novel in The Sword of the Dragon series... book 2 Offspring. It is already over 100,000-words in length but I'd like to hit between 115,000 and 120,000-words. And there is plenty of content to do so. Finally I am ready to get into the meat of my favorite tale and to follow the adventures of my favorite heroine: Oganna. Finally I get to show my readers the desert of Resgeria and Burloi and the battle for Ar'lenon. My readers will not be disappointed! If you liked SoTS you'll love this sequel.
On top of all this, Jacob Parker's Kestrel's Midnight Song is about to hit its first development stages. In February artwork will commence and editing will come in for hard punches. This is a novel that I truly believe can and will be well received by the Christian fantasy readers. Otherwise I would not have accepted it for publication by Flaming Pen Press.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Sounds awesome!

Jared did a great job on the artwork!

Seriously? Opening submissions? I might have to get to work on that novella I've been wanting to write lol

And I am DYING to read KMS. Can't wait :)

Scott Appleton said...

Yes, if TFRC sells well then I will definitely be looking to do another novella.
So if you have any marketing suggestions cast them my way! You seem pretty web-savvy!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

haha I have more connections than I have ideas lol But maybe I'll think of something haha

Chris said...

Very cool artwork. I particularly like the detail of and around the wizard. Mr. Sloger did an awesome job on that.

Interesting about the novella submissions. How many teen authors do you think you can take on besides Jacob? lol

I can't wait to read the rest of KMS. Jacob is in my critique group, so he's only giving it to me in bite size pieces. I've liked what I've seen so far, and I'm pretty positive the CBA fantasy audience will like it, too.

Good luck on Offsring!

Joraiem said...

Will you be excepting novel submissions any time soon?

The Artwork looks great! I can't wait for Offspring, Kestrel's Midnight Song, and all the other wonderful books Flaming Pen Press will publish!!!

Scott Appleton said...

LOL I am getting a kick out of how many people keep asking me when Flaming Pen Press will be open for submissions. In a way I'm flattered, but my plate is pretty full for the time-being.

Given time I will definitely be opening for novel submissions. But let me just put it this way: between Jacob's first novel and my second, that is a lot of work between now and Spring 2011!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Chris, Jacob's a Teen Inkling o.O I did not know that ::laughs::

Scott, at least you have job security lol. Out of the hundreds of people dying to submit, you're bound to find a few good ones lol

Scott Appleton said...

Nathan, I laugh with (notice I did not say 'at') your comments. You seem to grab the bull on the horns and ride it to the same conclusions I do! (-:

Job security...That is a good one! But you are right in that the manuscript selection process will be easier due to the eager authors ready to submit. I am a very picky editor. When I was editing for Double-Edged Publishing I frequently voted to reject submitted works. Grammar is a for those of you planning to submit make sure that your websites and your writing are gramatically strong. Editors need to see that the person submitting is putting out the effort to be the best writer they can possibly be, and that they are educating themselves about the process. Anyway, that's an important tip.

K.M. Weiland said...

Great dragon pic. I'm excited to hear Jacob has a book in the publishing works.

Joraiem said...

I was just curious... Kestrel's Midnight Song... sounds incredible! I can imagine that it take a lot of work to publish one book... but two? I can't imagine!!!

I watched you interview that you can watch from your website, and it was really great!! Your mission is a great one!!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I've heard quite a few publishers say that about websites/blogs. I should probably watch myself <_<

As always thanks for tips ;) And for being interested in us [current ;) ] nobodys lol

Have fun editing/making-decisions (or at least hang in there lol)!


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